Respect My Mind! From my Book: Social Climax ; (Dedicated to all my Chess players & fans)

Chess is like life; there’s always a choice before the actual action
Every decision has a repercussion, not always
Favored but highly respected
All sixteen pieces are connected, formulated by a unified body

Born and placed on a field of battle, only to gain a better position.
Careful of the strategy opposed while aligning a defense.
In attempt to perfect a protection against blind invasions.

Solid knits bonded by trust. Properly prepared to fend against
the snakes filled with hate to penetrate the fort.

Saluted under the phrase “death before dishonor”, engaged
In a dispute over territory to be conquered

Objectively drawn to the rage in pursuit, skilled for survival
to increase numbers and grow in strength.

Accumulating a technique called patience, waiting for the perfect
Opportunity to keep every target waving a white flag.
Or totally annihilated by such creative attack.

Quietly in action stationary still, pocketed in concentration at heart.
Ready to perform at all costs involving my last breath.
Spontaneous to react to any move that poses a threat.

A shock unexpected due to a grave underestimation ready to collect.
At all costs, demanding what is rightfully owned. Respect!!
A respect greater than anything known. My Mind!!

June 19, 2005


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