Newly Published Poetry Chap Book Titled “Vodka Diaries” by Mrs. Rhonda Rieck-Rush

I had the pleasure of reading a wonderful poetry book by Mrs. Rhonda Rieck-Rush from Lincoln Nebraska. I’m telling you the moment it arrived I was impressed with the artistic graphics on the front book cover. It was simple but full of meaning. The title was self explanatory, but only reading the content inside will reveal the true experience.  Vodka Diaries It kind of reminds me of my younger years growing up in a inner city and attending High School. I personally was young and experimenting with alcohol, some of the same topics discussed in her book. Her chapbook is definitely a must have for those of us who’ve encountered people with a serious drinking habit. It also reflects the strength that women endure when remaining loyal, supportive, and understanding when in a relationship with a significant other. Some may relate because of a family member’s addiction. But overall her experience expresses deep emotion about how she personally felt. To order her book feel free to reach her by email: rieckrhonda@yahoo and she will gladly discuss the best method for purchases. Also, connect with her on facebook search  Rhonda Rush.Yours Truly, Troy Legette.


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