From Poetry Book “Social Climax” Titled: The Teacher I Never Forget

Suited in attire unfamiliar to the eye of habit – somewhat!
related in a sense due to the thought of concern.

An opportunity and a blessing combined once initiated, sometimes taken for granted, often! More times than a few.

After the introduction of new heights of growth,
realizing the climb was a preconcieved experience.

Only to be believed after witnessing the impact,
until folly intervene in this process, misguiding the pursiut,

How disrespectful to ignore whatever it is to be learned, an immature approach healed by the more important.

Later on identified through keen observations,
as well as other human beings who share from the heart.

The ways of the world sends us many trends to ingest,
most we never forget, on a clear stage or playing field.

A personal history acquired and achieved through dedication, remembered when the cold front impede our better moments.

Just listen to what the mind reveals on average,
once fluttery instincts react like jumping beans on 4th of July.

Interesting to know what I never knew a second, minute, or hour ago,
slow as it may seem, the reward will be loyal.

Along the roads I travel mindful of such great strength, for the ego can become an ugly transition.

Humbling each trail of energy absorbed waiting to be released, while increasing ordinary standards of teaching.

Finally to realize that I’m a victim of circumstance, who will forever be a student majoring in “Life”.



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