Book Festival Event Tampa,Florida 2015

As the the crowd continued to grow at the SEAL Legacy Book Festival Event, I was fortunate to meet a great and honorable young man by the name of Erik Sabiston (who is a Army Veteran). He is the author of “Dustoff 7-3”  which is classified as non-fiction, illustrates an interesting true narrative about four brave men surviving the jagged terrains of Afgahanistan. The book from our discussion, describes how they were rescuing wounded soldiers while hanging from wires attached to helicopters in the mist of combat and dangerous weather conditions. The conversation between us was very uplifting and encouraging. It wasn’t long before I noticed his positive spirit and cool demeanor. The moment he shared some personal facts of his inspiration made me wish that I had my pen and pad handy to jot down a few notes instead of just retaining it all in my head. Definitely support him and his book which can be found on and Especially, if you enjoy reading the likes of “The 13th Valley by John M Del Veechio”  or “Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts”.  Photo by Creative Fusion Photography. #book #readers #social climax # Barnes and Nobles #Amazon #authors #news #soldiers #army #navy #writers DSC_7171ed


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