The Element of Surprise

After reading a little of the write up in People Magazine about “The Champ” Mr. Mohammad Ali. I had to share a poem pertaining to Boxing written June 8, 2006 from my poetry book “Social Climax”.

Dedicated to you Champ:

The Element of Surprise

Faster than a speeding bullet busting through such weak shield.
Feel the impact bang harder than your favorite war theme.
Clean-cut, touched perfectly on the targeted cushion.
Pushing power pass the art accurately designed.
Combined with technique so unique, styled, and mastered.
Captured by a drill of flurries – what a gorgeous rage!
Caged on a rampage viciously cycled.
Squared up!
Toe-to-toe, head-to-head, blow-for-blow.
Low in stance pivoted for balance.
Challenged by rivals highly respected but never feared.
Cheered on from love supporting the engagement.
Represent! Represent!
As fuel burns a blistering fire.
Prior to the thirst for bloods first drop.
Nonstop after a hit swift as air drift.
Quick to defend, touching both cheeks with a tucked chin.
Pinned by gloves, protecting all invisible to the eye.
Before colliding with an intrepid element of surprise.


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