2016 Arts & Authors Extravaganza (New Jersey)

Imagine walking along a journey where there are so many trials and tribulations. Where there are mountains we must consistently climb. Where we need a little guidance to help shift our life course in a positive manner. Well Dr. Nat’e Guyton has provided 10 principles that we as people may practice to help change our lives.  We give thanks!!026Her presence at the event was definitely needed for those in need of aligning a little “Transformational Innovation”. Visit the website @www.10-principles.com.


2016 Arts & Authors Extravaganza Event (New Jersey)

When we talk about art and artistry we must include a creative gentleman by the name of Garland Holloman (Garland Art).

His art work turns heads in a instant and spark interest like no other. His vendor table at the event was definitely one to remember. Be sure to take a look at his website @ http://www.galicaart.com.

2016 Arts & Author Extravaganza Event !

Life is so good. Especially when long-time friends considered family make a grand entrance at an event that you are participating in. Yes! Daryl and his mother Janice showed up to share support for poetry book “Social Climax” to help promote at the Arts & Authors Extravaganza event in New Jersey.

It was a good feeling seeing some familiar faces in the building. Again Troy Legette gives thanks for the love extended. Wishing everyone much success in all they do.

2016 Arts & Authors Extravaganza Event!

Poet/Author Troy Legette had the pleasure of participating in one of the greatest experiences a person can. It was such a pleasure of having the opportunity to promote his first poetry book titled”Social Climax” at a New Jersey event. He says, “it was so much fun networking and connecting with other talented individuals”. For that, he says “Thank you everyone for everything”.

2016 Arts & Authors Extravaganza Event!

Once again a returning favorite to the Arts & Authors Extravaganza Event included Ms. Diane Seay. Her creative offerings made availabe a wide selection of make-up from the Mary Kay Brand. 065With the combination of her talented application of the Mary Kay product used to compliment the faces of many women, definitely leaves an astonishing after effect that bring smiles to many. Meaning it is a wise choice to own it and request a first time make- over applying the product. Definitely connect with her on facebook.